Friday, June 14, 2013

Free Father's Day Printable

Father's Day is around the corner and I am sure that each and every one you would have planned something amazing for your other halves.

Would love for you to allow me to add to that pot of ideas and share with you a DIY idea for Dad's special day. Unlike my earlier creations, I must confess, this is not a Paper Couture original and I have taken inspiration from someone I consider the First Lady of Design & Decor, Ms Martha Stewart!

Nevertheless, thought I would spread the word and let you in on how you and your little boy or girl can create a 'straight from the heart' keepsake for the most important man in your lives. 

Just click here to download!

Happy Father's Day!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stationery for sisters Giselle & Keziah - Fairies

Apologies everyone - I know its been ages since my last post but its been an absolute manic time for me!!!

Don't get me wrong, I've loved every minute of it - the orders have been pouring in, enough to satiate the creative demons in me......but I must admit that trying to juggle a full time designing job, a toddler bang in the middle of her 'terrible 2's' and maintain some semblance of a social life is quite exhausting to put it mildly :)
It's funny, when I first started out, I had the typical fears of whether anyone would buy into the idea of 'bespoke stationery' and if I would even be given a chance to share my vision with others....count down 5 months to the date and I've been busy as a bee, designing stationery across a host of interesting and unusual themes. 
Here's one I did for sisters Keziah and Giselle....their mom was looking for something magical, angelic and girlie and lo behold!.....the fairies were created. Wanted to have the figures identical to maintain the sisterly theme and used the clouds to support the heavenly look and feel....
Before I sign off, I have to take a few minutes to say a great big thank you to Dubai Confidential, Aquarius Magazine, and TimeOut Kids Dubai for featuring me and Paper Couture - my reach would not be as wide without your support!